Human Design; Gene Keys and the path to Authenticity and Self Love


What is "Integration"?  

As we develop through our childhood, by nature of learning to live in a social environment, we learn to "cast out" our shadows or unwanted parts.  Anything about ourselves that doesn't seem to fit in/ "Fit the norm"; anything that feels ridiculed or that we have been told is "wrong".  Some of these aspects of ourselves are vital to our ability to really be who we are.  Every shadow also contains a gift....  If we cannot learn to see and embrace our shadows, then we lose access to the vital gifts as well, and we can end up lost and numb.  Until we integrate all the parts of us that have been repressed; lost; abandoned and denied... we will not be able to find our TRUE purpose; we will unconsciously manifest what we don't want; and we will continue to be taken down by triggers we don't understand.  The process of integration is a field of land mines, traps and confusion that can be far easier, faster and less scary with a guide.  You do not have to do this alone!  I can walk with you every step of they way!

Aeray is a certified Spiritual and Life Coach; has a background in Psychology and has been working intuitively to guide and advise people for many years.  Finding that traditional therapy didn't seem to bring about the change within, she sought something deeper.  Aeray has the incredible gift of being able to intuitively "Read" people, and to see through the veil into what is actually happening in their lives.  (Please see the "about" page for more info). 


Working with Aeray, you will feel safe to explore who you are, and the experiences of your life.  There is no judgement, nor anything that can be said, felt or thought that is "wrong" in her presence.  There is complete freedom to have any experience that may arise.  Her compassion is a reminder that it is "OK" to be yourself.  

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