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Allow, Accept, EMBRACE!!!

Human Design; Gene Keys and the path to Authenticity and Self Love


Do you see yourself clearly?  Do you know who you are, and what you came to do? 

Can you be radically honest with yourself about how you are and how you feel?

Do you feel comfortable in your own skin, grateful to be who you are?

Are you curious about the compatibility of your relationships; where your hang-ups are with certain people; and  why some relationships are are more difficult than others?

Do you have relationship issues that you don't understand, and need tools and guidance on how to navigate difficult situations?

Our journey together will be a natural process of self-discovery and healing, led by our combined questions and curiosities, toward clarity and peace of mind and heart.

Aeray is a certified Spiritual, relationship and Life Coach; has a background in Psychology, and has been working intuitively to guide people for some years.  Finding that traditional therapy didn't seem to bring about the change within, she sought something deeper.  Aeray has the incredible gift of being able to intuitively "read" people, and channel messages through for them to help give clarity about WHY things are happening as they are and how to navigate difficult situations. She works to help people move toward radical self honesty; personal responsibility; self love and compassion for all. 

(Please see the "about" page for more info). 


Working with Aeray, you will feel safe to explore who you are, and the experiences of your life.  There is no judgement, nor anything that can be said, felt, or thought that is "wrong" in her presence.  There is complete freedom to have any experience that may arise.  Her compassion is a reminder that it is always "OK" to be yourself.  

Text or call now to book a session with Aeray 
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