Deconditioning and The Authentic Self

Deconditioning, or "Empowerment Coaching", is the process of finding our True and Authentic Self.  Its peeling back the many layers of inhibition; self doubt and insecurity; confusion; repression; reaction; and judment. Its a deeper level Trust and Surrender, which will lead us to birth a version of ourselves that is both very familiar to us... as well as an unexpected surprise.  

There are two main types of human conditioning in my opinion:  

1)  Everything in your life that has made you who you are.  The place you grew up; your parents; your schooling/education;teachers; friends; sports; relationships; experiences; traumas... All of these aspects of your life have formed the person you are now.  For better or worse!  This is the part of you you can't change.  You have no control over what has happened in the past, nor do you have control over how you feel about it.  "It is what it is", and it has made you who you are.  The only thing that can be done about this kind of conditioning, is to learn to accept the way things have happened in your life, as well learn to trust there was and is a greater reason for it (you do not need to know the reason).  

2)  Everything in your life that makes you feel it's not OK to be who you are.  Mainly, expectations and pressure from society; parents; teachers; friends; lovers; children; peers, etc... It is the force in you that seeks to change who you are. It is your own dissatisfaction with who you have become, in part due to the first type of conditioning.  


We will work primarily with the second type of conditioning, the type that can be changed, our perspective about who we are.  You can learn to trust that who you are is not only "OK", but a perfectly sculpted and purposeful piece of the interwoven tapestry of life.  When we work on releasing ourselves from the second type of conditioning, the first type seems to "take care of itself."  What needs to change will change on it's own, and what doesn't need to change, won't.

When we stop trying to change who we are, and allow every part of ourselves to "be there", we truly wake up to the magic of life and begin to see that we are always taken care of and guided.  We will see that we are not the ones in the "driver's seat"... but merely passengers; and that we only need to sit back and enjoy the ride. 

 The greatest gift we gain from doing this work, is the discovery of "Self Love".  We are liberated from the confines of cultural demands and expectations and find complete freedom in our own true essence.  

 It takes courage to open to our true nature... and you have that courage.

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