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Human Design

Human Design, uses a person's birth-time; date and place to create a chart or "map" of an individual's unique "design."  It has similarities to astrology, in using the alignment of the Sun; Earth; moon and planets to create the blueprint of an individual's nature (Design).  It also draws from Genetics; the Kabalah; the chakra theology; biochemistry; the I-ching and the Myers Briggs system of knowing the self. 

Human Design is incredibly accurate, and is used to show the differentiation in all human beings.

The purpose of this work, is to know who you are; understand the nature of how and why you are the way you are; and to discover your individual, and unique purpose as a human being on Earth. Most importantly, it is realize that no two human beings are alike, and that this gives us permission to be exactly who we are.  To know that you are who you are for a reason, and to learn to trust that.  

Through the use of the Human Design chart we are able to see:

  • Where the bulk of your conditioning lies

  • Your greatest challenges

  • Your strategy for approaching life and making decisions

  • What you are looking for in order to feel fulfilled in work, family and relationships

  • Why you feel compelled to do the things you do (including habits)

  • Your inner purpose

      ...and so much more!

When you learn to accept yourself as you are, you will see that you are not the one driving your "vehicle".  It is a very liberating experience to be able to relax into the moment and allow something higher to drive for you.  All you really need to do is enjoy the ride!  Human Design can help give us a starting point for learning how to do just that.  

The Human Design Chart

  This image is an example of a Human Design Chart. "Definition", is the part of the chart that is colored in. There are defined gates, channels and centers. There are nine "centers", and 64 gates. 


The channels extend between two opposing gates, and are "defined" when an individual has both gates activated at either end of the channel.  When only half of a channel is "defined", or colored in, it means the individual has only one of the two opposing gates.  


The black boxes down the right side of the image represent the "personality" aspect of an individual, or "conscious" aspect.  These are generally the characteristics an individual is most familiar with about themselves.  


The red column on the left, represents the "unconscious" aspects of an individual's design, and characteristics they may be less familiar with (if at all).  


The more "colored in" a chart is, the more "definition" we say it has, and the more "white" it is, the more "open".  Both aspects have their pros and cons, which we will discuss in our sessions.    

A chart with more definition
A chart with more openness

Relationship Synastry Readings

Anytime 2 or more individuals are gathered together, the energies of the 2+ charts will collaborate to create a dramatically different experience and design.  The combining of the two charts is called a "synastry".  Each individual will experience not only his or her characteristics, but those of the other.  This can be a compromising or enjoyable experience.  How this affects each individual depends on many variables.  It is these variables we will analyze in a synastry chart reading.  


We will focus on: 

  • How the two individual's profiles resonate and/or harmonize

  • What kinds of conflicts can arise between the two individuals

  • How does each individual compromise the other

  • How are the individuals compatible

  • What gifts does each individual bring to the other

  • Discussions on how to approach compromises and disharmony

  • Discussions on how to best support each others gifts

   Synastry Readings can be done for: 

  • Couples 

  • Parents and children

  • Friends

  • Business partners 

  • Employees

  • any other 2 or more individuals

Synastry chart readings are an excellent tool to gain a better understanding of who we are as well as our closest companions.  The amount of understanding and forgiveness we can have for each other through the opportunity to truly "SEE" one another, can dramatically shift our relationships. Sometimes all we need is a new perspective and to accept each other as we are.


 Transit Readings

Your birth chart shows you who are in your foundational being (i.e., it doesn't change), however, at different times of the day/week/month/year, changes in planetary alignment will ADD definition to your chart.  These are called "transits" and as stated above, they do change.  The current planetary transits are not included in the birth chart, nor do we discuss them in an introductory reading.  There is an incredible amount of information in the introductory reading, and it is adviced to bring a recording device for the session.  


After completing an introductory, and advanced session, future sessions may be scheduled to discuss the current transits and how they are affecting you and your life.  

In sessions we will use a Synthesis of Human Design and The Gene Keys in a way that is unique to each of these systems, for a more in depth reading into who you are.  

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