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Holding Hands


Mentor-ship programs with Aeray are formatted in a very unique way in comparison to other therapy or coaching styles.  Because most of our struggles happen outside of the usual call time, there is little help for clients while they are immersed in a difficult situation, and most of the help comes through hindsight discussion.  In order to create the BEST opportunity for healing transformation, the following format is used in a mentor-ship senario:

- Mentor-ships are billed on a monthly basis, and only 3-5 clients are mentored per month, leaving plenty of space for focused support for each one.

- The primary format is through text and voice messages (on which ever app works best for the client).  This slows the process WAY down so that there is time listen without needing to respond; speak without being interrupted; re-listen to messages; pause messages to contemplate; and to be able to take our time digesting information so that it can be integrated more efficiently. It is also an opportunity to reach out DURING the time of difficulty so that we can work through the feelings and steps while you are amidst the experience.

- Clients are given access 7 days a week to Aeray through text and voice message, so that situations can be addressed as they arise, and she can be there to support you as you navigate, step by step.


Aeray operates from the belief that we are ALL innocent at our core and that everything we do and say comes from a deeper need for love and understanding. 


In "sessions", there is absolute safety and confidentiality so that any question or issue may be explored without embarrassment or shame.  We all need a safe place to freely express and be witnessed in our limitless human experience.  It can be scary to feel that we are alone, or that there is something "wrong" with the experience we are having in life.  Working with Aeray will remind you that you are NOT alone and that your experience is valid and good.

Aeray has the gift of being able to expertly read people, knowing what they want; how they feel and what their needs are.  She "sees" your soul and highest potential, as well as your shadows and where you are stuck.  With a strong intuitive awareness and the ability to channel information in the moment, she can bring instant clarity and answers, in many situations. 


By caring deeply about the emotional well being of others, and truly desiring her clients to have an optimal life experience, she opens herself to an ability to draw in clear and profound Truths and Answers.   The wisdom that comes through, lands with an impact and an intellectual "aha", that helps to leave a clear path in which to follow.  Sometimes we have difficulty seeing the forest through the trees, and it takes another clear mirror for us to realize what we are experiencing beyond the complexity of the mind.  

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