Integration; Self-Empowerment and Radical Self Love

Through the journey of life we collect experiences and conditioning that can hinder our sense of self worth; our understanding of our true nature; and our ability to know confidently who we are and what we want.  If we are on a spiritual path, then the lessons we learn are filled with contradictions, and everyone seems to be telling what we "should and shouldn't do" to be happy.  Eventually we end up confused and somewhat lost, not knowing which direction to take... we may even feel overwhelmed and hopeless.  Feeling hopeless and powerless are important stages to go through during our awakening process, but without the proper support, they can lead us into a deep depression and a state of heightened anxiety.  

Waking up to our Authentic Whole Self, is actually very simple.  Its the mind's attachment to struggle and complexity that create our challenge.  The style of coaching I do, is the "easy road".  We don't need years of practice; meditation; study; or discipline.  Its so much more simple than that.  It can take time to peel off the layers, but that is mostly because the mind has a hard time believing it can really be this easy!   


Do you ever struggle with self-esteem issues; loneliness; or self doubt?  Do have a hard time communicating or feel that no one "gets" you?   Are you ready for love, joy and courage?  Are you ready to connect with people on a deeper level?  


One of my greatest gifts is to see the true nature of others.  I am a "reader"; an intuitive; who can understand even the most quirky and odd people.  I see the good in everyone; I see the good in you!  

The journey into self love takes time.  Layer by layer, your true nature and self love will emerge... until all that is left is the love that you are!  Ive been through the darkness; had my dark night of the soul; and I can help guide you through yours...

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