Shadow Work

Welcome to the Underworld....

What is our "shadow"?  

The shadow is the part of you (thoughts, patterns, feelings, etc) that you don’t want people to know about you. Perhaps you don’t even want to know these parts of yourself, and so you “repress” them. We are terrified that if we expose our shadows we will face rejection; lack of approval; perhaps even be “cast out” of our community or circle of friends. The belief that we "are our shadows", may lead us to have a decreased sense of self worth; self esteem; or self image. Our genetic imperative to be accepted and to survive, drives us to hide these parts of ourselves and pretend that we are “perfect beings”.

No one ever told us that our shadows are O.K., that everyone has them, and that they contain gifts.  Shadow-work is necessary on the path to awakening.  We cannot be fully awake, and conscious human beings, if we are not aware of our "whole self".  

Treading the shadowlands can be very tricky work.  Because it is laced with confusion, self-doubt, and loneliness, having a guide can greatly expedite and ease the passage through darkness.  


Enter the Light...

Most people attempt to "work" on their shadows by trying to change; fix; or make them go away.  This DOES NOT WORK.  Our shadows will always be a part of us.  They are there for us to learn from, and will eventually become our allies.  


After years of working with the shadow, I have found that the only "technique" that truly works, is ALLOWING the shadow to be there.  This is not really a technique as it is a passive practice (a non-doing).  It is multi-layered and though it is simple in its nature... it can be difficult to learn, as it goes against our cultural conditioning.  For this reason it is highly recommended to have the support of a professional to help guide you through.  

For a more detailed and comprehensive look at shadows, what they are, and the role they play in our lives, click here ("Listening to Our Shadows").  For a deeper look at how I work with, and transform shadows, click here ("The art of Allowing our Shadows).  

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